Dream Nanny

I work as a nanny for Dream and I am incredibly grateful for the effort they put into ensuring us Nannie’s are supported, encouraged and given incredible opportunities. I have personally greatly appreciated Jill’s hard work going above and beyond to ensure that I get the best outcomes with new contracts (she’s amazing! And so lovely to talk with!)

Professional Assistance and Guidance

I also am so thankful that anytime an issue has come up with my work or I have concerns, Tanya has always answered her phone (even after hours) and has been incredibly professional and helpful. She has offered at times advice and encouragement when I have needed it most. Lauren from Pay roll has always been amazing and so understanding of my busy work life (especially because I’m always getting changes to pay roll in late/last minute) And every Visiting Teacher I have had has offered me their time, understanding and wisdom (Lynette who supported me through the very first contract I had with the agency and helped me become confident in my ability and skills as a nanny. Mel who always answers the phone).

Thank you Dream

I have always felt my professional career as a nanny has been truly well looked after and respected through the agency and I throughly enjoy the work I do in homes with the gorgeous kiddos I work with! The agency offers incredible opportunities to grow and expand and I recommend the agency to anyone looking into nannying or any family looking for a nanny!