Dream Education Programme

At Dream we are all about making family life easier.

We believe that children should be treated as individuals to develop learning dispositions. This enables them to become competent, confident learners and communicators. Children need to be healthy in mind, body, and spirit. They should feel secure in their sense of belonging and know they make a valued contribution to society.

We offer children opportunities to embrace the wider community through the physical and natural world around them.

Dream Education Programme

Our Dream Educators provide a securesafe and stimulating environment to a small group of children. Childcare in small groups promotes your child's learning and development. Your child will experience everyday life situations, allowing them to learn valuable life skills, so they feel nurtured and have a sense of belonging.

Partnering with parents/guardians and whānau, along with Visiting Teachers and Dream Educators, we deliver a programme supporting each child’s learning and development. The Dream Education Programme provides your child with opportunities to gain knowledge of the world around them.

If you're seeking Auckland childcare that provides real-world experiences, Dream Childcare is the answer. We host monthly events where children, along with their Educators or Nannies, can explore and learn about the natural world.

We respect diverse cultures and values, fostering open communication with our tamariki, staff, and parents to strengthen community links.

Please note that the Dream Education Programme is exclusively available for families looking for Auckland Childcare and want a Nanny or educator


For our Tamariki

As part of the Dream Education Programme, tamariki have access to individual learning and development. Support from a qualified Visiting Teacher helps child/ren to learn through play to reach their full potential.


Meet our Visiting Teachers

We use Educa, an Online Portfolio

Dream Education Programme whānau can keep track of their children’s learning via Educa. A secure app that can be downloaded onto any iPhone or Android device.

The app holds a portfolio of your tamariki’s monthly learning stories and in-depth reports that are shared by you and your Visiting Teacher.

Everything that is added to Educa, including photos, videos and stories, can be downloaded and printed by your family. You can choose to connect other whānau members to the Educa account so that nobody misses out on important milestones reached, or the fun activities and learning opportunities their children experience!

Education Review Office (ERO)

The Dream Education Programme is licensed by the New Zealand Ministry of Education. We pride ourselves in our commitment to providing a quality educational programme to your child. Feel free to have a look at our recent ERO reports here.

Te Whāriki

Funded by the Ministry of Education, the programme weaves together the principles and strands of Te Whāriki. This creates a holistic, tamariki-centred local curriculum to suit your little ones. A monthly visit from one of our qualified and registered Visiting Teachers, and regular activities are just a couple of ways we make this happen.

The programme is designed to keep learning fun and engaging for children. It can be adapted to your whānau’s needs. Your home and local community are integral parts of your little one’s development.